прокат-аренда PRO звукового оборудования


provides services for complex technical support show events professional concert sound equipment only recognized brands. We are not the first year working in the field of sound rental and our professional experience allows us to confidently say that we will master any event or show - from a small holiday or presentation to a big live concert, as we always have high-quality sound equipment for any purpose. Sound rental in our company is a full range of services, including all stages of technical equipment. Our task is not just to rent the equipment, but to provide high-quality technical support for the event. And to make it even easier and quieter, our staff responsible for the equipment, the entire event will be close by. By contacting us, you will receive answers to all your questions. Our experts will examine the venue of the event, pick up the necessary set of sound equipment, track all stages of installation and dismantling, including delivery, removal and the event itself, will make adjustments in accordance with the technical requirements and your wishes. We are always ready to assist in the resolution of non-standard requests.Almost no event takes place without sound. Whether it's a company's birthday, a car dealership presentation, a concert or a conference — everywhere you need sound, but not just sound, but high-quality sound. Only then the event will be colorful and will be remembered by all invited guests. To do this, it is necessary to use high-quality sound equipment, the cost of which is quite high. In such cases, it is better to rent sound equipment, because " without sound, the light loses its colors!»